12c: How to Create Additional SCAN/SCAN VIP (Doc ID 2138078.1)


SCAN supports multiple subnets in the cluster (one SCAN per subnet). Only the default SCAN (on the default network,typically network number 1) can be configured during installation of the Oracle Grid Infrastructure, multiple subnets support needs to be enabled as a post installation task.

This note describes the steps for creating additional SCAN/SCAN VIP/LISTENER on a different subnet in 12c. 


In order to create a SCAN on second public network in the cluster, you must first enable the use of multiple subnets in the cluster, which in general is a post installation task, including the following steps:

1.Set additional subnet for public network
2.Assign node VIPs to newly created subnet
3.Create a node Listener for newly created subnet
4.Create additional SCAN

Step1:ADD 2nd network

grid@mynode]$oifcfg iflist
[grid@mynode]$ oifcfg setif -global eth2/
[grid@mynode]$ oifcfg getif
eth0 global  public
eth1  global  cluster_interconnect,asm
eth2 global  public
[root@mynode]#srvctl add network -netnum 2 subnet
[root@mynode]#srvctl config network -netnum 2
Network 2 exists
Subnet IPv4:, static
Subnet IPv6:

Step2:ADD node VIPs

[root@mynode]# srvctl add vip -node salessrv145 -netnum 2 -address salessrv145v2/
[root@mynode]# srvctl add vip -node salessrv146 -netnum 2 -address salessrv146v2/

Step3:ADD node listener on network number 2

[grid@mynode]$ srvctl add listener -listener listnet2 -netnum 2 -endpoints "TCP:1528"

Step4:ADD SCAN on network number 2

[root@mynode]# srvctl add scan -scanname scantest -netnum 2

Step5:START node VIPs

[root@mynode]# srvctl start vip -vip salessrv145v2
[root@mynode]# srvctl start vip -vip salessrv146v2

Step6:START ListNet2 node listener on network number 2

[grid@mynode]$ srvctl start listener -listener listnet2
[grid@mynode]$ srvctl status listener -listener listnet2 
Listener LISTNET2 is enabled
Listener LISTNET2 is running on node(s): salessrv145,salessrv146.

Step7:START SCAN on network number 2

[root@mynode]# srvctl start scan -netnum 2

Step8:Add and start a new SCAN listener on network 2 (as grid user)

grid@mynode]$srvctl add scan_listener -netnum 2 -listener scanlsnr_2 -endpoints "TCP:1523"
grid@mynode]$srvctl start scan_listener -netnum 2

Step9:Check configuration and status for SCAN

[root@mynode]#srvctl config scan -netnum 2
SCAN name: scantest, Network: 2
Subnet IPv4:
Subnet IPv6:

[root@mynode]# srvctl status scan -netnum 2
SCAN VIP scan1_net2 is enabled
SCAN VIP scan1_net2 is running on node salessrv146




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